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Social media expert Nicky Kriel highlights four important reasons to use video on Facebook in 2018

Do videos feature strongly in your content plan for Facebook? Chances are that you intend to do more video but haven’t taken decisive action yet. Most people struggle to create video content because of a lack of time and resources, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Earlier this year Facebook announced substantial changes in the newsfeed which will have a major effect on how many people will see company pages’ posts organically. Posts that spark and inspire conversations and meaningful interactions among people will be given a priority in the newsfeed over company posts. For most company pages, this change means that their posts are unlikely to be seen – even by people who have liked their pages.

You have three choices:

  1. You can spend more money on Facebook advertising, which will become more expensive as more people increase their advertising spend.
  2. You can abandon your page and give up on Facebook and miss out on its over two billion active users.
  3. You get creative and go above and beyond what most pages will do.

There are several things you can do, and video is a powerful way to keep your community engaged with your page. Here are four reasons why video needs to be a priority for your page:

#1 Movement gets attention

To get attention, you need to produce ‘thumb-stopping’ content, the type of content that makes people stop scrolling on their phone. According to Facebook’s data, people spend five times longer on video than static content on Facebook and Instagram. Movement gets our attention.

So how do you create movement easily? The simplest way is to animate images that you already have. Using your smartphone and the right app, you can change a still photo into a video within a minute by adding a special effect or adding text or creating a gif. Try Boomerang if you want to see how easy it is to create a short video with impact. Animoto is another useful tool for converting images into a video.

#2 Facebook Live gets engagements

You want to get your customers to interact with your content to increase visibility for your page and Facebook Live gets:

  • Six times the engagement than normal video.
  • Three times longer viewing time than video.
  • 10 times more comments.

Facebook Lives need to be part of your strategy. Facebook favours regular content with repeat viewership, so it’s worth creating your Facebook Lives as regular events such as a weekly slot for demonstrating a piece of outdoor equipment, regular interviews with experts or go live from places your customers visit over the weekend. Longer Facebook Lives work better than short ones, so plan to go live for at least 20 minutes.

Don’t forget that you can get your Facebook Live transcribed and repurpose it as blog content or a series of shorter videos.

#3 Video is shareable

Create video that your customers will want to share. People share content that makes them look good, so stop thinking about what you want to sell with videos and start creating videos that are entertaining, educational, enriching and engaging. You want your customers to WANT to share your videos. Make sure that you post your videos directly on Facebook rather than linking them to YouTube or another platform.

#4 Video ads are highly effective

According to Business Insider, video ads get the highest click through rates of all digital ad formats. Seventy-four percent of the recall occurs within the first 10 seconds, according to Facebook and Nielsen research, so make sure you get your message across at the start of the video. Facebook retargeting allows you to market to people who have watched your video. If you are looking at a return on investment (ROI) for you advertising budget, video ads are worth considering for Facebook.

Video production doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Plan your content ahead to save time and unnecessary expense. If you are working with a production team, plan to do several videos during one shoot.

Bonus tip for you: Use square formatted videos because 85 percent of Facebook users use mobile predominantly. Square videos are 78 percent bigger in the newsfeed.