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The Inside Scoop: DexShell

The Inside Scoop: DexShell

OER speaks to Brand Manager Chris Dodd about DexShell’s latest products and how the brand continues to be innovative

Tell us a bit about yourself and what your job involves?
I am a sports fanatic and enjoy being out in the great outdoors. I love football, cycling, hiking and camping, as well as plenty of other sports. My role within DexShell is Brand Manager, which involves a lot more than it sounds. From van driver, stand builder, sales, marketing, product development, brew maker and recently I’ve been heavily involved with the launch of our website. At DexShell everyone gets involved with everything.

Can you give an overview of DexShell and its history?
DexShell is now four years into the UK and European market, and our head office is in Manchester. At the Manchester office we do all the design for the product and this is where the product is distributed to the trade. Our factory produces solely DexShell products which is based outside of the UK.

How are your products different to others in the market?
DexShell’s lamination technology patent was passed in late 2017. Our manufacturing process allows our socks and gloves to have a natural four-way stretch, meaning that the flexibility, performance and comfort is far superior to our competitors in the market.

We like to always be ahead of our competition. For example, we were the first in the waterproof sock segment to use natural bamboo product for our liners, which offers the user luxury comfort and antibacterial properties.

After the success of our earlier Ultralite Bamboo Socks, we have now successfully launched our Ultra Thin range which has a model outer (bamboo source) instead of the traditional nylon outer – this combined with a bamboo rayon liner really gives the product a soft and flexible feel. It feels like a natural sock but also offers the benefits of being waterproof and windproof.

We recently launched a new walking sock with a polyester outer, which makes it feel and look more like a traditional hiking/walking sock. If you compare this to the traditional waterproof walking/hiking sock, it’s moving the product into a new direction and reinforcing our position as market leaders of innovation within our segment.

Our hats are unique as well, we laminate the same membrane that’s in our knitted gloves and socks to the inside of the microfleece. This sets us apart from other waterproof hats as most have a floating membrane, which can be quite noisy for the end user as you have three layers rubbing together whilst you are walking, running, etc. Ours only has two layers, which reduces that rustling sound you normally get quite significantly.

Our price points and designs are very strong, and this has helped DexShell achieve strong results in this category for 2017. We will look to improve our market share again for 2018.

Can the lamination technology be used to create other garments or products?
No not yet. We currently have no intentions to expand our product into other areas. Firstly, we need to firmly establish ourselves with our core product lines then we can maybe look to expand into other areas.

Do you have any plans to extend your current range?
We are always looking to expand our core DNA waterproof accessories and to extend our current range into other areas. As you can imagine, there are so many segments we could potentially offer our products to – but as always, we will only bring product to market that is relevant and if there is a real need for it.

What is it that defines the DexShell brand?
Quality, forward-thinking and innovation.

How will you to continue to be innovative?
We are always looking for the ‘new thing’ and the latest technology to bring to the market. A good example is our Ultra Dri Sports Socks, we are the very first in our market to use Dri-release which is not only a moisture-wicking fabric, but also dries faster than any other fabric on the market currently. By always looking for new fabrics and ways to engineer our products, I believe we are the innovation leaders in our market.

What can we expect from DexShell in the future?
There are lots of plans in the pipeline, some of our new products and innovations will be launched in 2018 – so watch this space!

Why should retailers stock DexShell products?
We offer competitive margins, the best product and we are the best brand when it comes to innovation and design in our market segment.