Primaloft Enhances its line of Performance Fabric & Yarn Technologies

Manufacturers Primaloft has announced the launch of  a new cashmere blend fabric and yarn, further extending their series of performance fabrics and yarn technologies.

The new performance fabric is a lightweight cashmere blend base layer – the first in next-to-skin fabrics to be released by the brand. The new cashmere blend provides consumers with a soft next-to-skin fabric with a cooling touch, while providing great stretch and recovery, as well as fast dry times. 

The fabric joins an already diverse collection of fabric technologies – which Primaloft have organised into five series, offering a range of materials suitable for next-to-skin, mid and outer layer applications: touch series, with a focus on softness and warmth; vista series, provides stylish, durable textures; energy series, ideal for active garments; balance, with multi-layered weather resistant fabrics, and genuine series, with natural fibre blends.

In addition to the new cashmere performance fabric, Primaloft have also released a new cashmere yarn blend that balances indulgence and performance, boasting fast dry times, luxuriously soft hand-feel and easy care.

Primaloft has organised its yarn technologies into two series: black series, providing classic fibre blends, including Primaloft polyester and an eco-friendly polyester blend that contains 70% post-consumer recycled fibres, and silver series, yarns which provide performance comfort and feel-good fibres, such as silk and merino wool – which the new cashmere yarn blend forms part of.

Primaloft performance yarns can be used alone or combined with other yarns to create knit garments, including socks, accessories, base layer, sweater and seamless pieces.

The new cashmere fabric and yarn are available to brand partners immediately. A number of respected outdoor brands already utilising Primaloft’s performance fabric and yarn technologies include Black Diamond, Buff, Isbjörn of Sweden, Montane, Rab, The North Face and Isbjörn of Sweden.

Written by Meghan Ridout. 


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