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Social media expert Nicky Kriel shares some inspiration for your social media content calendar, so you can interact with your followers throughout the year

Struggling to come up with ideas for your social media content calendar? There are reasons to celebrate every day of the year. Keep on reading to find out how to use the wonderful, weird and wacky ‘holidays’ to plan engaging social media content throughout the year.

Most retailers include bank holidays and seasonal holidays like Christmas and Easter on their promotional calendar. Stand out by being creative about promoting products. Here are some celebration holidays that will appeal to outdoor enthusiasts to get you started:


15 January – National Hat Day (#NationalHatDay)
This celebration allows you to share behind the scenes pictures of staff members wearing hats and ask your community to share selfies of them wearing hats. Of course, you can run a special promotion on hats too.

Soup Month (#SoupMonth)
It’s nippy outside. Ask your followers what their favourite soup is to take out in a flask on a cold day.

Hot Tea Month (#HotTeaMonth)
Get a conversation going by asking your fans whether they take boiling water in a flask and tea bags or whether they pour readymade tea into their flask when they are out and about on a cold day. 


7 February – Wear Red Day (#WearRedDay)
Wear Red Day is celebrated on the first Friday of February each year by the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund. It’s to raise awareness of congenital heart disease. You can show that you support charities by getting staff to dress in red and display all your red apparel in one place.

20 February – Love Your Pet Day (#LoveYourPetDay)
Many of your customers will have pets that they love. Share a cute animal picture and ask them to share what type of pets they have.

25 February – Pancake Tuesday (#PancakeTuesday)
Look out for a local pancake race to support. Outdoor activities and pancakes, could it get any better? 


22 March – As Young as You Feel Day (#AsYoungAsYouFeel)
Outdoor enthusiasts are likely to be young at heart. Ask your community how old they feel.


1 April – April Fool’s day (#AprilFoolsDay)
Prank your fans or find a YouTube video of an April Fool’s Day that relates to the outdoors or a product that you sell to share.

3 April – Find a Rainbow Day (#FindaRainbowDay)
This is a great day for to ask people to share their rainbow pictures. Who can resist a beautiful rainbow?

23 April – National Picnic Day (#NationalPicnicDay)
Time to get creative with all the picnic items you sell. Give tips about storing food in transit. 


4 May – Melanoma Monday (#MelanomaMonday)
The first Monday in May is used to raise awareness on melanoma. Your community is spending a lot of time outdoors, give them tips on prevention and ask them to check their skin regularly.

9 May – Lost Sock Memorial Day (#LostSockMemorialDay)
Who knows where those single socks go! Share some of the funny theories. They know where they can buy another pair.

15 May – International Day of Families (#InternationalDayofFamilies)
This day is observed by the United Nations to celebrate families around the world. Ask your followers to use three words to describe their family.

31 May – Heat Awareness Day (#HeatAwarenessDay)
Give some tips for keeping cool when spending long hours outdoors. 


21 June – National Selfie Day (#NationalSelfieDay)
Is there a display that you can set up in your shop that creates a nice backdrop for National Selfie Day?

24 June – Swim a Lap Day (#SwimALapDay)
If you sell bathing suits in store this might be a good day to highlight swimming.

27 June – Sunglasses Day (#SunglassesDay)
Use staff to model some of the sunglasses that you sell for fun images to share on social media.

Great Outdoors Month (#GreatOutdoorsMonth)
A perfect celebration for outdoor enthusiast retailers. You have the whole month to make the most of it. 


18 July – Get to Know Your Customer Day (#GettoKnowYourCustomersDay)
How well do you know your customers? Create a poll or a survey to find out more about them.

27 July – Take your Pants for a Walk Day (#TakeYourPantsforaWalk)
No, we didn’t make it up! This is a day to celebrate getting outside and going for a walk.

Picnic Month (#PicnicMonth)
You have the whole month to talk about picnics. Share images of picnics. Give tips and recommend your favourite products to make picnics special. 


17 August – I love my feet day (#ILoveMyFeetDay)
This is a great day to talk about the importance of good fitting shoes when walking or the right socks to wear.

26 August – International Dog Day (#InternationalDogDay)
Many of your customers will own dogs. Celebrate dogs by asking your community to share their favourite pooch pic or ask them to describe their canine in a one word.

31 August – National Trail Mix Day (#NationalTrailMixDay)
You may not sell trail mix in your shop, but most hikers would appreciate munching on this snack when they are out in the wild. Think about running a promotion offering shoppers a free packet of trail mix for purchasing from you. 


5 September – International Charities Day
Do you support a local charity? This holiday is a great day to give them a shout out.

14 September – World First Aid Day (#WorldFirstAidDay)
If you sell first aid kits, then it will be worth celebrating this holiday. Share some first aid tips on social media.

16 September – International Day for Preservation of the Ozone Layer
Being green is important to outdoor lovers. International Day of Preservation of the Ozone Layer was created by United Nations. Talk about either protecting yourself from excessive sun exposure or reducing your carbon footprint.

29 September – World Heart Day (#WorldHeartDay)
Find an article that supports exercise and heart health to observe this day. 


1 October – International Coffee Day (#InternationalCoffeeDay)
Find out what coffee people carry in their flask: Real or instant?

10 October – World Mental Health Day (#WorldMentalHealthDay)
Ask your community what effect being in the outdoors has on their mental wellbeing or find some research that backs up the benefits of nature or exercise to mental health.

19 October – Bridge Day (#BridgeDay)
Share an image of a magical bridge and ask your customers to share their own bridge photos. 


17 November – Take a Hike Day (#TakeAHikeDay)
What a perfect day to celebrate! Recommend a local hiking trail or give tips for hikers. 


11 December – International Mountain Day (#InternationalMountainDay)
Find an image of a majestic mountain and a wonderful quote to share that you know will resonate with your customers. Perhaps, you can talk about the Three Peaks Challenge or share some useful advice about equipment for mountaineers.

14 December – Free Shipping Day (#FreeShippingDay)
Christmas is just around the corner. Promote free shipping for online sales for this one day only.

These are just a few of the holidays that you can celebrate to help fill your social media calendar. Do your own research for more inspiration. It’s time to create some engagin