GP Batteries gives away 1 Million Free Battery Chargers

World-leading battery manufacturer encourages consumers to convert to eco-friendly rechargeable batteries

World-leading battery manufacturer GP Batteries is giving away 1 million free battery chargers in a bid to encourage consumers to ditch disposable batteries, which are harmful to the environment, and switch to more eco-friendly rechargeable batteries.

As part of the campaign, GP Batteries will be giving away its PowerBank Charger U4111, PB420 Charger and USB Charger – U211 battery charger models free with qualifying purchases of its ReCyko+ and ReCyko+ Pro rechargeable batteries. The batteries, which can last up to 25 years not only help to save the environment, but save consumers money in the long term.

GP ReCyko Pro + charger giveawayBatteries in the GP ReCyko+ range offer a super long service life – Just one GP ReCyko+ battery can provide the same power as hundreds of disposable cells over its usable lifetime. ReCyko+ Pro batteries are some of the most powerful rechargeable batteries on the market; retaining power 5 times longer than any other standard alkaline battery. They can be recharged up to 1500 times and hold power, up to 70% for five years after charging and will retain their power for over five years when not in use.

The rechargeable ReCyko+ batteries are ideal for high drain appliances such as digital cameras, MP3 players and remote control toys and their longevity make them excellent value for money. Once fully charged the batteries will retain 80% of capacity for up to one year. They have an extended service life, lasting for up to 6 years or recharging 300 times, whichever comes first. Both battery types come fully charged and ready to use.

GP Batteries’ battery chargers are easy and convenient to use and safe for overnight charging. They are super-efficient and keep batteries in top condition; offer a fast charging time and LED indicator to display charging status.

Stylish and compact, the GP PB420 Charger offers a dual port to charge AA & AAA batteries at same time. It can recharge batteries in as little as 8 hours and has an automatic timer control, guaranteeing safe charging without risk of overheating or over-charging.

Light and compact, the USB compatible GP U211 Charger offers an easy-to-carry universal common platform to recharge batteries from various USB power sources. With a built-in channel charging system, the U211 can charge 2 x AA or AAA NiMH batteries at a time for 8 hours, while the auto power cut off safety control prevent batteries from overcharging. It can be powered by computer, smart phone charger or any standard USB charger with micro USB plug.

One of the most versatile on the market, the GP U411 PowerBank is quick, easy to use and convenient; recharging AA and AAA batteries from any USB compatible device. It has a universal power connection, auto-power cut off function and can plugged into and powered from a wide range of USB enabled devices such as laptops, TVs, car adaptors, airport charging stations, or inflight USB ports.

The chargers and batteries come in pack bundles and can be purchased in store or online.

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