All Change for Summer 2018 Shows

We went out on a limb in the autumn issue, suggesting that in our very humble opinion, the main thing wrong with the current regime of outdoor industry exhibitions was that everybody kept saying that there was something wrong with them.

Well, no one can accuse the UK outdoor industry of sitting on its hands. Problems or no problems, wheels were at work making changes.

The first we heard about it was the announcement of the new OTS. Now moved from its original home in Stoneleigh to Manchester, and now including ROKS – , which up until now had been based in Kendal – running over the same dates as KORS, which of course, was also based in Kendal. 

As we understand it, efforts had been made to combine all 3 shows, but KORS had declined. The elephant in the room in this initial announcement was that the new show had been scheduled for 3 to 5 July – the same dates as KORS.

Now KORS and ROKS could share dates easy enough. They were a mile apart and had different exhibitors. But OTS was a different thing altogether, with many KORS exhibitors having a presence at OTS too.

A brief chat with Clive Allen of KORS revealed that this was definitely going to be a logistical nightmare for some brands and that a solution would be found.

And it was. A few days later, KORS announced that it had changed its dates to 10 to 11 July – a week later.

And as the music stops, that’s where we are.

We of course hope for a positive outcome for all parties – if it’s good for the industry, then it’s good for us.

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